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Sunday, June 23, 2019

All you want to know about the Apple Developers Conference WWDC19

The Apple Developer Conference (WWDC19) ended this year with updates on the operating systems of its various TV sets for the clock for the iPhone and even the release of an iPad version with a new desktop PC for professionals.

Executive Director Tim Cook began talking about the most prominent services announced by the company last March, such as the subscription service in the Arcade games, which will include more than 100 new games and is still unknown when the launch and subscription fees.

As well as updates to the TVOS operating system where there is a control center that allows user switching and improvements with Apple Music service that displays lyrics simultaneously with the song and support control hand from Playstation and Xbox.

The smart clock has added new interfaces to watchOS and the application of computer and audio books and voice memos and improve support for audio applications such as Pandora but still lacks support for Spotify, and the number of applications on the clock without the need to connect with the iPhone.

The highlight of the Apple Clock is the App Store to download apps directly on the clock by double-clicking.

This update is coming in the fall for those who have the latest Series 1.

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