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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Wise care 365 review – The Fastest PC Cleaner software

PC Cleaner software is very helpful in maintaining the performance of your system. In this article, we will see wise care 365 Review. Wise care 365 is the fastest Cleaner software, which is preferred by billions of users to keep their systems performance at high. Here in this article we will be providing you with Wise Care 365 review and also answers to some of the questions like is Wise Care 365 Safe, can you get Wise Care 365 for Mac and some of the comparisons. So if you were searching a place for Reviews for Wise Care 365, here you are. It provides many features to its users. Here are some great features of wise care 365 software, have a look at them.

Features of Wise care 365

PC Checker : The first icon you will see on Wise care 365 is of PC Checker. You have to check it very often. It will scan your system, and after that, it will return all the risky files. It shows you that files too which many another PC cleaner can’t find. You can fix all this risky issue by a single click on Fix button. If you want to ignore any particular issue, you can also do that by using a particular option.
Wise care 365 PC Checker will scan your system by below options: 
  1. Security projects
Under this option PC Checker will check validity related to task manager, System Registry Editor, Firewall options and folder options. By clicking on Fix button, everything will be set. Wise care 365 virus protection is also part of this.
  1. Useless files
Many application programs create cache files and junk files on your device. PC Checker will check all these files. In this cache of browsers will also include. By fixing this, all the data will be erased.
  1. Invalid entries in system registry
Under this, it will check invalid file extension, invalid firewall setting, invalid Windows services, and history of accessed files.
  1. System Cleaner
The second icon you will see is System Cleaner. It will scan your system and gives you errors related to the system registry. By a simple click on the clean button, you can clean all these useless data. Wise care 365 virus clean-up is also a task of this. It will provide more option on the left side you can select them and perform a more specific clean up.
The more specific options are:
  1. Common cleaner
  2. Registry Cleaner
  3. Advance Cleaner
  4. Big file manager
  5. System sliming
These are some points on which you can perform specific clean up of your system.
  1. System Tuneup
This option is not so much used as it does all the task which is performed by both PC Checker and System Cleaner. So If you used first two tools, then you probably don’t need to use this tools. It has some more options. These are:
  1. System Optimizer
  2. Start-up manager
  3. Context menu
  4. Registry Defrag
  5. Privacy Protector

Everyone needs privacy on their system. By using this option, you can clear all the history of activity from your system. History of viewed images, files, pages and also movies can be easily deleted. It can also help you in generating strong passwords. There are many other options available to use. These options are:
  1. Disk Eraser
  2. Privacy Eraser
  3. Password generator
  4. File Shredder
  5. System Monitor
By using this option, you can check all the running processes and also how much memory and processor they are using. It will also give you details about the processor, Network Adapters, Motherboard, Graphic cards, Hard disk. It also provides you an overview of hardware devices of your system. By using this, you can easily get all the details about your system.
  1. Automatic Junk Clean
This software performs its tasks in the background, and when your system gets a lot of junk files, it will automatically give you a notification. You just have to click on the Clean tab, and it will clean all the junk files from your system.
  1. Backup
The extraordinary feature of Wise care 365 is a PC Cleaner; it will give you option for full back-up.  In the process of backup you have the option for creating a system restore point, and also you can create a full registry backup.
At the time of restoring you can restore your system to particular date. Select your restore point and restore your system, it will restore your system to that particular date.


These all are some astonishing features of Wise care 365 which we thought must be included in Wise Care 365 Review. All these features help you in increasing the performance of your system. The pro version of Wise care 365 has some additional features too. It comes with a lifetime license. Lifetime license at the price at which most of the software gives license for 3-4 months, it will give you the license for the lifetime. Isn’t an amazing product that users should owe?

Most the time’s users have questions like is wise to care 365 safes?? So yes it is a completely safe product. As it gives full accessibility control to you so no chances of any error. If you are a Mac user, then don’t worry wise care 365 for Mac is also available.
Comparison of Wise care 365 with some other Cleaner software
Wise care 365 vs CCleaner
When compared to CCleaner Wise care win as it has very fast scanning speed. As compared to CCleaner it is simple and convenient to use.
Wise care 365 vs Advanced Systemcare
Systemcare will not be able to detect all the issue, which Wise care 365 can easily detect. The interface of SystemCare is better as Wise care 365.
Now let’s move to Pros and Cons part of Wise care 365
This PC Cleaner is fastest and easy to use. It provides many useful tools. Here are some pros of Wise care 365 PC Cleaner:
  1. It doesn’t install any unrequired software at the time of installation.
  2. The main feature of the Wise care 365 is, it can be used as portable software that is it can be used without installation.
  3. Wise care 365 gives you full control over cleaning, by that it means nothing is cleaned without your permission.
  4. Some tools can be easily accessed from the context menu.
  5. Wise care 365 provides lots of easy to use and useful tools.
  6. Wise care 365 gives automated tools to provide better efficiency to its users.
After having so many features Wise care, 365 has some cons which many users found. Here are Cons of Wise care 365:
  1. For other important features, you have to buy the Pro version of Wise care 365 software.
  2. GUI can be better than this.
  3. No antivirus software is there.
These are some positive and negative traits of Wise care 365 PC Cleaner. It is a great software, and many users found it useful. The Pro version has more new and interesting features, and to buy that you just have to pay a small amount.This is all about Wise care 365 and Wise Care 365 Review! It is a product which can definitely, enhance the performance of your system. We hope wise care 365 Review help you and now you can select the best cleaner for your system. If you have any query, feel free to ask.

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